'Plant seeds of expectation in your mind;
Cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement 
Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses'
 Norman Vincent Peale

Hi I'm Ify Ejindu, an Electronic Engineer, budding Photographer and Stylist based in Lagos, Nigeria and I'm so thrilled you stopped by.

This blog provides a means of testing and expressing creativity as well as exceeding the boundaries of  expectations, personal development, growth and ill-founded limitations. Here, I explore hair, fashion, lifestyle, and all things beautiful. 

'It's never easy but it sure is worth it at the end'.

I hope you'll stick around and join me on this journey!


#1. I'm all about life,living in the present and appreciating the perfection of imperfections.

#2. I could kill for the right pair of heels,white chocolate,a great book and a nice view.

#3. I'm obsessed with the colour purple,photography,lovely decors and Criminal Minds (I could watch that all day if they'll let me).

#4. I'm at my best creatively when I'm by myself,there's nothing quite like listening to yourself breathe and think but I still enjoy the company of people no worries.

#5. Things that make me happy are the smell of new clothes,meeting people,lazy weekends and a nice gesture...for me it's in the little things.

Thanks really for being here,you make it all worth it.

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