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Thursday, May 11, 2017

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19 NKJV

Hey folks!
I'm back with another ensemble post as promised and I'll try to make this as interesting as possible. This week has been pretty weird, came down with the flu on Monday without prior warning from the universe but I'm back to my day job and life as we know it so I'm quite thankful. In the spirit of full disclosure, there's really nothing that has changed: I'm still a lover of pretty things, great company and good food. That said let's talk fine lines and pretty kimonos or sleeveless blazers as they are widely known.

This is yet another collaboration with Urbanate Binienu featuring this brown and burgundy print sleeveless blazer. You know by now just how much I love kimonos, you can quote me any day when I say that every girl needs at least two kimonos in her arsenal of clothing for the good days, the bad days and the not-so-ugly days. Well, I'm no exception to my own rule so I own quite a number of these babies because I find they make life easier for me, check out some of my previous posts about sleeveless blazers here and here.

Today's outfit has a central burgundy theme complimented with tones of black and brown. This outfit is an easy-breezy take on corporate-friendly Thursday or Friday looks…well depending on how serious your company dress code is. When I put this together, I was thinking contempo-casual meets corporate-chic and I quite like how comfortable the entire ensemble turned out.

Sleeveless blazers are an everyday staple for me because of a number of reasons, most important of which is the fact that lately I’ve been having mostly lazy mornings and not enough energy to sort through clothing. I just simply grab a skirt or pants, put on a blouse and pair with a sleeveless blazer of choice and somehow I manage to look sane enough to walk the earth. That said, let’s talk tips to styling a basic sleeveless blazer.

First off, work with a colour scheme in mind – you need to decide if you are going for a print-style, colourful or a basic-style sleeveless blazer. Whatever colour you decide on is bound to define the style and appeal of your entire outfit at the end of the day. Like most people, I love drama so I tend to lean towards tons of colours and prints because like folks say – “life looks better in technicolour”…and I quite agree. Once you’ve decided on your choice of sleeveless blazer, next step is to pick out complementary pieces to produce an overall flattering look.

For those not too big on drama, I always suggest you pair a colourful sleeveless blazer with complementary pieces in solid colours whether it’s a dress, a pair of shorts or some good ol’ pants. So we are talking solid colours like navy blue, white, burgundy, magenta or my all-time favourite colour – black. That way, for days when you don’t have any extra energy or desire to look stunning, your sleeveless blazer does all the work for you by keeping all the attention on the masterpiece that is your sleeveless blazer rather than on a regular pair of pants.

To bring your entire look together, remember how important it is to accessorize, accessorize and then accessorize some more. Yes you heard me – accessories can do wonders for a seemingly less than average look. If you don’t believe me, imagine I was wearing this outfit with some basic studs as against this pair of earrings or maybe I was wearing slides instead of these heels (although I feel I can always pull off a fashionable look in slides any day), you would agree with me that somehow it might leave you feeling like this ensemble was below par. Ergo, note to self - "Accessories are Winners!"

Who else thinks burgundy is such a pretty colour? I hadn't really thought about it until quite recently when I wore a monochrome ensemble in burgundy for an evening soirée - It almost had me questioning my unwavering love for black but then again there's that thing called undying love which black and I have in common...let's see how that goes though. My dad and I had the funniest conversation on Tuesday about why I'm all about black, suffice it to say that my dad is tired of me in that regard.

Photography by Omoregie Osakpolor

Outfit Details (click for direct links)
Sleeveless Blazer Urbanate Binienu
Black V-neck Sweater- Topshop
Burgundy Pants - H&M

Alright then, that about sums up my crazy so I'll quietly leave you folks at this point. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below on how you'll rather style this sleeveless blazer and let's do a back and forth. Also this sleeveless blazer is available for purchase on the Urbanate Binienu website linked in the outfit details above.

Until my next post,

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