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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

‘Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom’
Marcel Proust

Hey folks,
Happy Tuesday!!! How’s the work-week going? Well at my end, I feel like I could use a little more sunshine and a moment to stretch my legs, however on the plus side – the weekend really does look promising, what with the weekend festivities and public holiday just around the corner.

I did promise you all a lot more consistency from over here alongside a ton of fab content coming to the blog from here on out so here I am delivering on said promise with another fun ensemble. Today’s outfit features this whimsical and flirty design from Contemporary Womenswear label, TIFÉ

I received this geometric off-the-shoulder dress last year courtesy Derin Odugbesan of Derin from Isaléékó in collaboration with the TIFÉ brand and since this girl right here has been MIA, I hadn’t even worn it or styled it since I received it so it was finally time for some unboxing. So let’s dive into today’s fit, shall we?

First off, this dress is comfort-oriented which is THE best thing about it, you honestly have no need to worry about under-pockets of flesh or if anything is slipping or if you are going to be able to tuck in extra helpings of food…this dress has got you covered totally. The vibrant print, flirty design and graceful fluidity of the fabric gives this ensemble a significantly fun vibe which I quite love. Peep the off-the-shoulder trend which has obviously come to stay in today’s fashion, paired with two distinct shoulder straps that have been knotted into classic bows: talk about a remarkable fusion of modern day fashion trends.

I'm also quite partial to the layered sleeves; it allows for enough room to breathe and is utterly perfect for a girl like me who isn't quite inclined to clingy clothing. This dress is a joy for pregnant ladies thanks to all that room it has going on and also notice how it flares out to a high-low hem giving it a little something extra. Truth is, you can never be worried about outgrowing dresses like this assuming you put on some extra weight and you can also never be worried about pieces like this going out of style because such pieces are timeless and independent of changing fashion trends.

The styling options for this are also pretty diverse: from comfy-casual to Owambé-ready to date-night or Sunday-brunch; it's pretty easy to dress this up and down while working with the required amount of "fun and edgy". I kept this look pretty basic with regular sandals and a pair of fishnet ankle socks for that element of edge...throw in a pair of tassel earrings and statement sunnies to the mix and we are off to the next soirée in town. You could always opt for a more laid-back feel with some comfy sneakers or slides like I would on a regular Saturday and trust that it'll be a relaxing weekend. 

I'm grateful for this gorgeous dress which makes an excellent addition to my current comfy wardrobe and I'm sure I would be wearing this quite a lot for those chill days. The TIFÉ brand has diverse designs all speaking to the needs of the sophisticated woman and this brand literally makes me proud of femininity and all it promises. Do check out all the gorgeous designs on their page using the link provided in the details below.

Photography by Omoregie Osakpolor

Outfit Details (click for direct links)
Off-the-Shouder Dress TIFÉ
Shoes & Fishnet Ankle SocksAsos

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