Bubbles And A Blog Review

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

‘I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains’
Anne Frank

Happy New Year!!!
Apparently 10 days just rolled by and I find myself wondering how that happened. However, it’s been super busy as usual and it’s also been a really good 10days of 2017 so far…I must confess that I love the way "2017" rolls off the tongue, even better than "2016".

I’m going to be sharing this ensemble with you folks and I will also be doing what we might call a blog review towards the end of this post. It’s a new year and while I love to write in this little space of mine, it’s also quite important to know what type of content you enjoy reading here and what you will love to see differently this year. In the meantime, let’s talk prints and bubbles…

This outfit is from the Ghanaian-based women clothing brand - KIKI Clothing. It was gifted to me by Stylvo in collaboration with the brand a couple months back and I was so ecstatic when it finally arrived. Honestly I’ve not worn anything in this bubbly style since 2nd year of university so this wasn’t that much of a departure for me.

At first glance, this bubble shirt dress comes off as pretty basic but all that becomes irrelevant as soon as you get visually acquainted with its extremely vibrant print in hues of yellow and tangerine. It has two huge pockets on either side that add a little extra to the entire getup, its bold yet fun prints are reminiscent of happy memories and good vibes all around.

This shirt dress also has an element of versatility in the entire mix, it can quite easily be worn as a loose kimono jacket when the buttons are left undone seeing as this piece comes with buttons from top to bottom. Also, this dress is designed to be snug around the waist so you can opt to do without the fabric belt or play around with simple yet chic accessories in stylish belts readily available these days.

A by-product of the holiday festivities has me craving comfort in clothing a lot more these days so you’ll definitely find me wearing a lot of slides and sandals when I’m out and about. For this reason, a more casual look would be me rocking this with one of my go-to slides. Sneakers could definitely work with this as long as it’s simple and slightly understated so it doesn’t detract from the gentle elegance that is this dress.

No need for statement pieces in necklaces for this outfit but assuming I had my hair pulled back, I would have opted for a pair of statement earrings, something with a little less drama than the dress or my life right now. I feel it’s quite possible to wear and style this dress for different occasions and different times of the day so don’t be deterred by that singular thinking that this dress is not workable because it is.

Photography by MarvinFresh Photography

Outfit Details
Dress KIKI Clothing
Shoes - Gifted
Bracelet & Belt - Random

While this blog is my creative space for all things natural hair, fashion and lifestyle; I find that last year had me writing more of the fashion and the lifestyle part and not a lot of the hair side. This year I plan on doing all three the best I can and while I plan to do that, I will also love to get your feedback on areas you will love for me to cover effectively on this blog afterall you my beautiful readers make writing here quite worth it and I’m completely grateful.

Kindly let me know in the comment section: your thoughts on what you’re expecting from me this year, it doesn’t matter how high your expectations are. Afterall they say the higher the better and I will love to work towards each and every one of them to the best of my ability. So do let me know what your ideal 2017 should be like for this blog and we can get started on making it happen.

I’m really looking forward to this feedback so pretty please comment, comment and COMMENT!!!

Until my next post,

Sugarcoated kisses from my Cubicle,


  1. I love the way you write and that dress is to die for. I'm hoping to see more hair posts since you are a naturalista

  2. I loooveeee this dress. I would love to see more everyday casual combos....Chioma linda


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