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Friday, September 30, 2016

‘Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old’
Franz Kafka

Hi folks!!!
I know you thought I ditched you this week but trust I didn’t, it’s been yet another interminable week and I’ve just been trying to keep up. But forget about silly me, how’s your week been so far? I’m certain we’re all glad it’s Friday plus this 3-day weekend promises to be everything and a little extra. 

I just thought to drop this quick ensemble post on here before getting back to whatever it is people do on Fridays. Personally all I want to do is curl up in bed with chocolate, a good movie and a lot of contentment…seems like it’s going to be possible after all seeing as I’m headed home at the moment.

So we are talking kimonos today and I’m compelled to start by saying that kimonos are major key pieces for me, I invest in them consistently. They make my life so easy, especially in times when I’m running out the door and half my clothes haven’t been ironed yet. It’s so easy to just throw one on alongside a tank and shorts or jeans if you prefer, most times however, I just throw it on top a dress and I’m out to conquer the world. On days when you feel like taking it up a notch, you could always add in a pair of heels with the right amount of accessories and you’re all set for date night or dinner.

This Floral Organza Kimono is currently topping the list of staples in my wardrobe. There’s just something classy and girly about this kimono plus it gets a 12 out of 10 for fluidity because it flows quite effortlessly. Another big plus is the fact that this kimono is as light as a feather, you literally don’t feel the usual weight of a hundred cities on your back while trying to conquer the world one stiletto-clad foot at a time.

I got this off-the-shoulder dress from my last collaboration deal with Style by Jedidiah thanks to the Colours and Grey Bloggers forum. It is definitely a very feminine dress with that thigh-high side slit giving the illusion that I have leg-for-days which I wish I had sometimes, shout out to all the supermodels out there – you make it really difficult not to hate on you lol.

I’m always about that pop of colour so you know I just had to do some colour in this look. Accessories…check, killer manicure…check, and of course some attitude…check check check – and I guess I’m all set. I’m definitely going to enjoy styling this kimono in several other ways and I’m sure going to be purchasing more kimonos to keep my wardrobe alive and never in need of all that goodness.

I’m just wondering how you would wear your own kimono or if you are a kimono-wearing diva. It will be lovely to read your thoughts in the comment section below so please leave me something below. I get some complaints saying that it is quite difficult leaving a comment on my blog, I’m currently working on resolving that and I look forward to a time when I get to see everything you would love to say to me. Y’all know I love you right? Well now you do mmuahhh!!!: that was me blowing you a kiss just in case you missed that.

Photography by MarvinFresh Photography

Outfit Details
Kimono - Konga
Dress - Style by Jedidiah
Shoes - Primark
Purse - Newlook
Beads - Random

If you will like to collaborate with me, kindly send across an email to or click the email link in the side bar and we'll get talking.

In the meantime I'll catch you guys in my next post.

Hugs and Cherry Kisses,


  1. I def love this look. And you be serving hottt faces.

  2. Hot������ You look fierce too and the walking picture is my fav.
    My Style Look Book Series

  3. I love your kimono girl
    You slayed the look. Have you checked out my post on kimono too


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