Ensemble || Details and Some New Year Cheer!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

‘You raze the old to raise the new’
Justina Chen

Hey folks,

Happy new year!!!

It's a new year, a new beginning and trust it's going to be beautiful...all those our many desires are just within our grasp and my prayer and hope for us all is bountiful thanksgiving.

It's been quite a while I know, got so wrapped up in Christmas and life generally that it felt really good to just let my hair down (let's just pretend for a second that I'm Rapunzel). Anyways, after the whole 'taking a step back to smell the roses', it's back to regular living and I really am thankful for the little break.

It's that time of the year when we make resolutions and plan generally to make the year something to look forward to and while I'm putting my plans on paper, I think where I really need to focus on this year is actually 'follow-through' - I really suck at that no kidding! I usually always have well laid out plans but then no follow-through which equals zero if you ask me. So this year that's number 1 on the list of things I'm learning to be better at. Truth is I've been moving at the speed of light this past two weeks that I actually haven't sat down to put my thoughts on paper.

Plenty things to be done and I'll certainly get to it in time but until's my very first post for 2016. But holdup, can I just say 'Yay!!! We made it!!!', I'm super excited for this year and I'm pretty sure you are too. This outfit was inspired by everything I expect this new year to be - fun, laid-back, dreamy and regal with plenty of laughs in between.

Outfit Details
Sandals - Asos
Hair crown - Asos

I intend to laugh a lot this year and you folks should really get behind that, so here's to the best of times this year...I'll certainly drink to that.

So people, till my next post...

Hugs and cherry kisses,


P.S: Just a random thought - I could really use a vacation, anyone willing to come whisk me away?


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