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Sunday, August 2, 2015

‘Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life’
Proverbs 4 verse 23 NKJV

Happy Sunday!!!

How’s the weekend been so far? I’m hoping just fine. Mine’s been a little bit of both but I’m still not quite ready for it to end just yet.
This is going to be a quick outfit post just before I go prep for the new week.

So…you are about to get re-acquainted with my love for shorts which somehow over the years I got comfortable wearing. I tried to keep this simple, conservative with the right amount of class and everything else in between.

I’m not sure the rainy season is over but there’s the usual amount of heat everywhere so I’m still loving my chiffon tops for this kind of weather, paired with my khaki-coloured shorts, green scarf and off course it was time to take the new shoes out for a spin, don’t you think?

Please ignore the crazy,happens every once in a while

Accessories minimal, makeup minimal, everything minimal – even the cool air was minimal lol, it was a hot day but I’ll still take the heat over the rain any day trust me. I like that while this outfit has a bit of edge to it, it can be dressed down totally with sandals or loafers and a satchel which is my perfect laid-back look.

Photography - Omoregie Osakpolor Visuals

Outfit Details
Top - Custom-made
Shorts - Thrifted 
Shoes - Qupid via UrbanOG
Necklace - Wallis

So here it is guys, are you as partial to shorts as I am? It will be nice to know I’m not the only weird lady around the globe like my mother assumes sometimes so how would you rock your shorts?

As per usual let’s do a back-and-forth in the comment section below while I run along to go get my act together for the week. I’m expectant for a miracle this week and I wish you guys just as much.

Till my next post,

Hugs and Sugar,



  1. If I could wear shorts everyday due to the heat I would. Love your neck piece and your shoes are lovely.

  2. Looking nice dear, need more styles , tnx


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