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Thursday, August 27, 2015

'The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!’
Dolly Parton

Hi fabs,
Long time no see...or whatever the right expression would be in this scenario. 
Thursday as usual, pure and utter bliss is my desire for you the rest of the month. 2weeks and then some since we last dined yeah? Complete torture is what it's been for me but I'm here now so let's pick up where we left off. 

So diving straight into today's post...
The Beauty Boon is an online beauty store down here in Lagos that retails makeup products as well as hair products providing diverse brands ergo loads of choices and alternatives. Personally I'm in love with the diversity of their lipstick range, what I wouldn't give for most of those babies!!!

They run a monthly beauty subscription called the Boonbox and this works the same as other beauty subscriptions the world over - you fill out a beauty profile or what we might call a questionnaire just so they get a feel of your preferences and proclivities and they create your custom boonbox based on this feedback. They run two subscription plans; the monthly plan at a rate of N5000 or a quarterly plan of N19,000. The team behind this basically pick out 1 full sized product and 5-6 sample sized products for your utter pleasure, all of which would comprise the boonbox for that month.

Anywho, most people might agree that the concept of a beauty box subscription is one major bright idea especially for those who like surprises or those who like being shopped for. Some might agree that the idea of just sitting back while someone else makes the annoying decisions surrounding choosing beauty products is quite appealing. Well I love the whole concept so I finally got around to ordering my august boonbox.

This came in last friday evening and I came home to this box of surprises. I opened it up with the usual anticipation of anyone opening up a present and I was pretty impressed with what was inside and even the packaging. I love the fact that they used a lovely pink box so it was all round pretty.

My Boonbox had 6 products inside and honestly I'm not quite sure that there's only one full size product inside. It came with (from left to right) :
  • Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser.
  • Nicole by O.P.I nail polish.
  • The Body Shop tea tree pore minimiser.
  • Elf blush palette.
  • Shea Moisture organic african black soap with shea butter - acne prone face & body bar.
  • Kat Von D studded kiss lipstick in the shade 'lovecraft' (can I just say 'oh my gosh!').

I learned about the Mario Badescu Skincare line a while back from stalking most of my favourite Youtubers and all they ever said were lovely things so I definitely expect great things from this. I haven't tried this out just yet though I intend to but it might not be much use seeing as my acne is seasonal. My sister's acne has pretty much cleared out but maybe I will ask her to try it out and give feedback on the results and I will do same.

This nail polish has a pretty pink shade I know I'm going to enjoy using. It's been a while I manicured my finger nails because lately they break easily and I get annoyed when the nail polish begins to chip so I will rather just use a natural looking nail treatment, however I never forget to give my feet a well deserved pedicure every week so I'll definitely be trying out this baby this weekend or tonight.

Yet another great brand, love their body butters that smell good enough to eat. I don't have large facial pores so I may or may not try this out but some way or another we shall put this to good use.

So lately I'm not that much of a makeup person so when I filled out my beauty profile, I captured my waning love for eyeshadows in there so I'm guessing that's why I wasn't sent major makeup besides this blush. This blush palette comes with four different shades of blush, I've tried out the darkest shade once so far and I actually liked it even though I hardly ever wear blush.

Everyone loves Shea Moisture products because they deliver quality and I expect just as much from this when I eventually try it out. I just hope it wouldn't be drying since black soap is famous for being pretty drying. I don't really have acne rather I have considerable hypopigmentation so I might just end up trying this out on my hair instead.

Okay I feel I should start by saying I've been crushing on Kat Von D lipsticks for months now but I haven't had the heart just yet to spend that much on lipstick but I look forward to the day that I do. However, when I made eye contact with this baby sitting all pretty and perfect in my boonbox, the pleasure I felt was inexplicably satisfying...I was so happy that they read my mind and scored major points in my heart.

This sample size lipstick in the shade 'lovecraft' is my No. 1 product in my boonbox hands down. First off I can shamelessly say I love the sweet smell and it tastes just as sweet - busted!!! I couldn't help myself I apologize. It's a light pink shade that's pretty matte and quite moisturizing so it doesn't dry out leaving your lips looking chapped. Oh and it seems this lippie has taken a permanent residence in my bag for this week yay!!!

So guys that's it for my august boonbox, lovely products and lovely people, can't wait for next month.

I'll catch you guys on my next post so please stick around.

Till the next one,



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  1. Reading your good experience with the BoonBox makes me want to try it again. I'll think about it and maybe give it another shot
    Nigerian and Natural


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