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Friday, July 3, 2015

'Take Courage. We walk in the wilderness today and in the Promised Land tomorrow'
D.L. Moody

Happy new month folks!!!
As promised guys, a breakdown of my pre-protective style ritual which is mostly the same as my post-protective style ritual save one or two things. I did manage to take a couple pictures of the whole enchilada so it's all pretty basic.

First off, wash day started out on Sunday around 12noon with a pre-poo which I didn't take a picture of, forgive me. I used a hot-oil treatment comprising a mixture of olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil as my pre-poo. I sectioned my hair into four sections as per usual and put the pre-heated oil into each section slightly massaging my hair as I went along. I put my hair in a plastic bag then a shower cap and I let that sit in for 45mins before proceeding to wash my hair.

I used my usual black soap to wash my hair in sections using warm water, I didn't really have any product build-up from the week so I wasn’t inclined to do my usually acv rinse before a slight wash. I washed each of the sections twice and then moved over to conditioning. I conditioned my hair using my Palmolive Naturals Brilliant Color Conditioner which I talked about in my previous post and as expected it didn't disappoint. No tangles thanks to great slip so I was done conditioning in 5mins. It had been a while since I did a length check so I indulged myself only to have my heart broken in the process, hair goals not looking very promising at the moment but regardless we are working hard at it.

The struggle with Hypopigmentation around my face area is real

Hair has been washed and conditioned

It's common knowledge to protein-treat our hair before and after a protective style so I went ahead to do just that. A week prior to wash day I had been thinking of getting a store-bought protein treatment instead of concocting one in the kitchen so I purchased this Motions Professional CPR Protein Reconstructor at one of the Casabella outlets after looking it over. I used to have this bias about buying hair products made by companies that usually roll out products that cater to relaxed hair needs but I decided to ignore all that melodrama and take a walk on the wild side for want of a better word.

Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Polyquaternium-37, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Peg-8 Lanolate, Dimethicone Peg-7 Isostearate, Quaternium-80, Propylene Glycol, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance (Parfum), Isostearoyl Hydrolyzed Collagen, Dimethicone, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Phytantriol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Coumarin, Yellow 6, Yellow 5.

Formulated specifically for heat and chemically damaged hair, Motions CPR Protein Reconstructor rebuilds and fortifies hair from the inside out using collagen proteins. Silicones and conditioners provide added moisture to increase hair’s suppleness and prevent breakage.

I applied this generously to slightly damp hair, worked it through each section from root to end and afterwards wrapped my hair with a plastic bag and then a shower cap to trap in heat a lot more. I let this sit for a good 45mins and I rinsed it all out thoroughly with warm water before doing a final rinse with cool water to close up my hair cuticle.

This reconstructor has a lot of slip and because of that it was very easy to apply to the hair. If I'm being honest, there weren't any great reviews on the internet when I looked up this protein treatment so it felt like I was setting myself up for disappointment. However, for a protein treatment that has the protein listed as the 12th ingredient, I was pleasantly surprised it held its own (the first 5-7 ingredients in a product are the most potent). My hair has never showed any indication of being protein sensitive which I'm grateful for so when I do protein treatments I have never had any surprises. The results from this treatment were really good; I could feel that added strength to my hair like it had suddenly come alive. My hair looked shiny weirdly enough and when I ran a comb through it, there were just a few hair strands on the comb - major bonus points. All things considered I would probably give this product an 8 out of 10 mostly because I wasn't overly fond of the smell but most protein treatments have that weird smell so it wasn't really its fault. I will give this two more trys though just to be certain it’s as okay as it seems.

After rinsing out the protein treatment, I went ahead to moisturise and seal using JBCO, Cocoa butter and my leave-in of choice, Beautiful textures tangle taming leave-in conditioner (because it is pretty light and I didn't want so much product in my hair for the protective style). I did 8 chunky twists just so my hair stays stretched for the protective style.

I had initially planned to install the jumbo twists myself even though I was tired but my sister wasn’t having any of that, talk about negative energy. She said I should stop trying to kill myself and go to the hair salon to get it done so I eventually caved and did as told. The day was already far gone so I went the following day and told my hairstylist what I wanted: waist length jumbo twists that I can put up with for the next four weeks at most, because by that time my natural hair will pretty much be peeking out of the synthetic extensions like a red flag.

I used 2 and a half big-size packs of Expression braiding hair for this do and I didn’t make them as huge as I initially planned just so my hair isn’t weighed down terribly. My hairstylist was pretty used to the whole natural hair business so she was quite careful and didn’t pull at my hair plus the fact that my hair was already in chunky twists made it easy – she simply used up all the hair in one of the chunky twists I did the previous day before moving over to the next, that way my hair was easy to comb and I only had to re-moisturise once. It took all of about 3hours to install the jumbo twists and I was super glad because that was a new record. Most times I go to the salon early in the morning but end up coming back home at night so imagine my surprise when I was done in 3hours and also it was only one of the ladies that did my hair yet she got through it so fast. Today is Friday by the way and I still love the results, I’m sorry there was no one around to help take a picture so I could show off the length properly.

So that’s pretty much everything on my pre-protective style ritual, I will update you guys later on how I manage my hair underneath the twists. I really hope this was helpful, I’m just about nodding off to sleep so I’ll leave you to it.
Thank God it’s friday yeah?

Till my next post,

Have a good weekend.



  1. Love the braids!
    I've been wanting to get braids too with synthetic hair. I think I'll try it with Naija Girl Next Door's method soon
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Yeah I saw her really cool method and that's what I had planned to try out before my sister ordered me to the salon lol.Best believe that the day she's not home to stop me,then I'm definitely doing it.

  2. Very neat braids! I really wish i had the patience to groom my natural hair..smh for

    1. Thanks so much Chinwe.I think I can relate with the patience angle, took me two years before I finally did it so you just might wake one morning with a burning motivation to try lol.I'm really grateful you stopped by the blog,thanks again.

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