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Monday, July 27, 2015

‘The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.’
Maureen Dowd

Hi guys,
New day, new week… expect an abundance of fulfilled expectations.
Who woke up super charged up for this week?  I know I did…right before the reality of Lagos morning traffic set in.

This is going to be a rather quick outfit post, I think I’m sleep-deprived at the moment plus I might have overdosed on coffee in a bid to stay awake this morning so I apologize in advance for the absence of my usual repertoire of good-natured banter.

My scandalous love affair with the colour ‘black’ is still going strong and I decided to indulge myself in a rarity, one I'm currently quite enjoying - the colour 'white'. I was always okay with white as a colour but lately it seems I'm a lot more partial to it. 

I paired this white chiffon top with a white-black rose print pleated skirt I recently purchased mostly to indulge my current desire to feel and look 'girl-ie' which is a word that I've never really liked being identified with. But here I am with my latest attempt at being a 'babe' in heels with a purse and some attitude.

I opted for a pop of colour hence my royal blue pointy toe stilettos paired with aviators and my oatmeal coloured rose quilted shoulder bag for some extra oomph. I kept the accessories minimal with studs and a single strand gold chain-link necklace and as it turns out I've been all about that minimalist life as indicated by my signature neutral makeup look...let's hope I don't forget how to do makeup entirely cos then my friends will gladly disown me as the odd member of the team.

So guys there you have it - my latest attempt at playing dress up, hope you guys approve. I was too busy over the weekend to take my braids down so they shall be spending one last week with me before I say my goodbyes, already throwing around ideas in my head for the next hair-do.

Photography: Omoregie Osakpolor Visuals

Outfit Details
White Chiffon Top - Copped on Ebay
White Black Rose Print Pleated Skirt - SheIn (SheInside)
Royal Blue Pointy Toe Stilettos - Asos
Oatmeal Coloured Rose Quilted Shoulder Bag - New Look via Asos
Aviators - Ray-Ban
Single Strand Gold Chain-Link Necklace - Copped on Jumia

As per usual your thoughts are most welcome in the comment section below and I might not say it very often, but I really do love you guys that take out time to read my blog...thanks so much for the continued support.

Till my next post,




  1. Lovely. Love the bag

  2. I love your outfit. That shoe๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    Great blog.

  3. Thanks so much guys, mwuahh!!!

  4. Nice post dear.. You look great.. I really really love!

  5. Ify i need more designs on chiffon tops pls, nice pix duo

  6. Love this look...especially the shoes
    You look adorable


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