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Monday, June 1, 2015

'It's not so much about the shoes but the person wearing them'
Adriana Trigiani

Hi fabs,

Happy June!!!

Before you ask the questions, I'm going to go ahead and supply the answers:
Yes, I've been away for more than two weeks...

Yes, I'm a big meanie not to mention utterly wicked for committing said atrocity...
Yes, MTN's the devil responsible - woke one morning and realized there was no internet connection in my bedroom let alone my house-talk about getting banished from a service I pay for with my own money...the evil that men do *sighs*
Let's not also forget fuel scarcity trying to dampen our joy, it's been a terrible three weeks for Nigerians and my heart went out to people whenever I saw them in the struggle.
Thank God it's all over, I'm currently back from my unplanned hiatus - it's going to take a whole lot more than MTN or fuel to hold me back.

So how's life been these past 3weeks considering, I'm hoping just okay? Well a lot's happened at this end in so short a time and I feel terrible that I didn't get to share all that with you guys but I'm going to try my best to fill in the gaps so we could pick up where we left off.

My last post was about the West African bloggers conference which I haven't updated lately, it seems too late for that now but best believe the event was lovely. I also dragged my lazy behind in that annoying rain (can I just say I hate rainy season??? Arghhhhhhhhh!!! messy Lagos roads, unpredictable weather and an all round gloomy outlook) to the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria with a few friends mostly to support our friend who was showcasing her collection, we had a lovely time which ended with a slumber party (I know that's sooo high school but we really needed one, it had been so long) and since that was just last weekend I will definitely be writing about that sometime this week so look out for some pictures of really good artistry and designs.

I have definitely rambled enough to compensate for the past almost-three weeks of no rambling from me so let's get into today's 'bidness', shall we?

So who doesn't love retail therapy? According to most people there's nothing like it. I discovered Online-Shopping a couple years ago and suffice it to say that we have been fast friends ever since, talk about convenience. I can be an impulsive buyer sometimes but trust me when I say I'm much better at delegating now than I was in the past. I try to buy anything I've been lusting after based on a scale of preference and then I try closing my eyes even when the newest crush-object promises a good time or for want of a better word- 'the best time of my life' (it might hurt but you'll live trust me). I buy everything at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month depending on payday, I also pick up a few things once in a while during the month but I try not to be too greedy.

I ordered a couple things from asos which came in last week and I particularly wanted to share these three with you guys, I will get to talk about the other items down the line when I style or use them that way I don't bore you too much in this seemingly long post. If you don't know anything about me just yet then the first thing you should note is that I love-love-love SHOES!!! My friend once suggested that she wouldn't be surprised if I sold my birthright for a pair of shoes someday and I'm like 'Nah, I will just knock-out the bearer of the shoes and then run away as fast as my legs can carry me, Call me crazy!!!'. Fear not though I'm not a violent person, I'm just a lover of class,beauty and fashionable expectations.

I always check up on asos everyday because somehow, of all the foreign websites that deliver to Nigeria, they just seem to have been the nicest to me so far so I order items from them a great deal. There's also the test of quality and affordability which they ace every single time, you can find really affordable items on the website even amongst the high-end items and the quality is unquestionable.

I have been crushing on a pair of leopard print Christian Louboutin Stilettos since forever so when I saw this pair of leopard print court shoes (ASOS Progress High Heels in Leopard) on sale on asos with the low vamp almost reminiscent of the red bottoms, I did some swooning and didn't bother adding it to my wishlist for later- I bought it immediately and as God would have it when I checked the site a couple days later it was out of stock. Asos has great sales and you always find really lovely and affordable items on sale. When I purchased this shoe it was 22pounds but it eventually came down to 15pounds before it went out of stock. 

This blue number (ASOS Pensive Pointed High Heels) however was a totally different story. I had been keeping a close eye on the price of this blue pointy heels with the irregular vamp in my wishlist for a little while. It came in a black color too but I had my sights set on the blue, I love anything suede or nubuck. I think it started at 40 or 50pounds,can't recall, but I patiently waited. The day I noticed it had come down to 20pounds, nobody needed to tell me twice to go for it.

They say you save the best for last and in my opinion they couldn't have been any more right. The funny thing about this bag is that it wasn't even pricey yet somehow it's actually the one I'm most crazy about. This New Look Rose Quilted Shoulder Bag with Chain Strap cost 8pounds and was in the colour 'oatmeal'. First off, I had been looking for a small shoulder bag on some Nigerian websites and the ones I came across didn't really make my heart flutter so I was reluctant when it came to buying. 

On one of my free days I even wandered down to Lagos Market in search of one but the ones I saw looked so generic and I ended up coming back with apples instead (to console myself). When I made eye contact with this purse on asos, I almost sounded like a territorial animal saying 'IT IS MINE'. I fell in love with the rose quilting immediately and I wish it had come in black cos I would have liked to own both colours. Oh I know it's no Chanel Boy Bag (which by the way I'm seriously crushing on just in case anyone is feeling generous and wants to get me one) but it looks good enough for me and I'm going to enjoy this one till it gives up on me.

I think I was the most grateful person in the country when PayPal finally set up shop here cos it makes paying online for items so much easier. Ever since reading a post on That Igbo Girl's blog on one of her asos experiences, I try my best to keep my purchases on asos below 50pounds to avoid any drama. For this particular purchase I placed two orders because placing one would have exceeded 50pounds and I wasn't up for any drama with the new shipping service they use. Instead I go pick up my items at the post office (sent via their own Postal Service) as per usual and pay a fee of 1000naira, for Lagos though, Abuja fee is 500naira so I have no idea why Lagos has to be more expensive. 

Unfortunately with this package, there was some kind of drama and I had to go to a different Post Office where I was asked to pay 2100naira by some grouchy,mean lady who made me come back twice by the way and kept eyeballing me. Anyway I eventually got my package and I was done with it so probably next time I wouldn't have to see her face again. Oh and the package came in 8days using the Postal service which was just OK so I didn't mind cos that was fast enough.

I will definitely keep you guys updated and I really hope you all have been doing okay in my absence. For those who have been asking, I'm still rocking my Crotchet braids but it goes down next week making it a month and I can't wait to play around with my hair, have some products to review so please stick around.

Sorry this was quite long, hope it was helpful for those interested as well as the Shopaholics in the house. If you have any tips I might be missing out on or suggestions please feel free to share in the comment section below, I would be appreciative of that.

Till the next one,
Hugs & Sugar,



  1. I want that purse. Its very pretty. Can't wait to come and grab it from you.hehehe

    1. Sweetie you're welcome anytime mmuahhhh!!!


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