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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Hey guys,
Hope the week is treating us nice and vice-versa...either way Friday's just around the corner.
So this is going to be a product review but first a quick update: the crotchet braids finally came down on Saturday after 5 lovely weeks - it's been a while that a hair-do did me good and even though it still looked alright it just had to go and it will be sorely missed. Following the take-down, I gave my hair some much needed TLC with some old and new products which I would probably share in another post just so we keep this post short and to the point.

The products I'm going to be raving about in this post is from the LoveShea Skincare range known for making Soap Bars, Body Scrubs and Shea Butter  (scented and unscented) from all natural ingredients. This brand of Handmade Natural and Organic Skincare and Hair Products can be loosely summed up in one word...YUM!!! I won these babies in a giveaway a couple weeks ago and prior to that I had been stalking the brand for a while on Instagram and on their Etsy Shop (since it's based in the UK) and I was counting down to when I could get my hands on them - I've never ordered a hair product outside the country and had them delivered here in Nigeria so I was somewhat skeptical about taking the plunge and then I miraculously won a giveaway.When I finally picked it up last week, the feeling I had was like a throwback to being a kid at Christmas oh-so-happy and expectant.I was in such a hurry with a couple more stops to make that day that I was sad I didn't have enough time to really chat with the nice lady behind the brand...and oh her natural hair was so lovely- talk about perfection.

I was gifted two products from the range - the Bakewell Tart  (Cherry-Almond Scented Whipped Shea Butter) and the Coconut & Lime Moisturizing Sugar Scrub. First off I'm very partial to the packaging, really cute and practical- has this home-ey feeling to it too though I hope I don't end up breaking it cos I think it's made of something glass-like. The Bakewell Tart is a cherry-almond scented whipped Shea butter made from the following ingredients:

100% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter,
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Organic Sweet Almond Oil,
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,
Cherry and Almond Fragrant Oils,
Love and Nothing Else! (I love this ingredient by the way).

This whipped Shea butter looks like caramel flavoured ice cream and almost smells like it too, thank God for self control else I would gobble the whole thing up cos it smells way too edible it's painful. After washing, conditioning, treating and moisturing my hair, I used this as an added sealant to lock in all that moisture and as an easy styler because of its light consistency. It basically melts away when you put it on your hands for a few seconds so I take extra care to store this properly. It was a lazy washday or rather,washnight so I did a few twists late at night and I really liked how they turned out - really soft, shiny and not much definition. I'm on day 3 hair currently and the hair is still holding up so that's a big plus.

Day1 Puff

My highlights still holding up

Day2 Puff

The Coconut & Lime Moisturizing Sugar Scrub smells amazing with a mixture of lime and coconut evident in a single whiff. It's made from the following ingredients:

Sugar, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,
Desiccated Coconut, Vitamin E, Lime,
Lime Cold Pressed Essential Oil.

This scrub I honestly couldn't resist tasting, forgive me, it smelled sooo good-it must be a sin for anything to smell that good. I felt so jealous at some point that my belly was being cheated by my body but I sucked it up eventually. I used this lightly in a rush to try it out and I love how my skin felt afterwards. I'm not sure if this can be used on the face to exfoliate but I might try it out someday quite lightly so I don't irritate my way-too-sensitive skin in the process. As far as storage goes, somewhere cool and dry will suffice and apparently it's best to scoop out with a spoon the quantity to be used rather than handle with wet hands from the shower.

I seriously don't know what I would do when I run out of these two especially the whipped Shea Butter cos I really love these products, wish they would set up shop here in Nigeria cos that would be bliss. Let's see how it works out though.

It's been a tiring day so I'm going to turn in now,and as usual I would catch you guys on the next one.

Until then,

Hugs & Sugar.



  1. Your hair <3 I'm the worst procrastinator, I need highlights but can't get around it.
    I have used bath salt before from Ahava (I had terrible skin issues), do you use bath sugar/scrub the same way (dropping a few into your bath water then bathe with another soap)?

    1. When it comes to procrastinating, honey you've got nothing on me :* That I finally took the bold step to colour my hair was a miracle in itself cos I bought the hair colour (I wrote a post about it earlier on - Dark and Lovely New Color Intensity Anti-dryness Permanent Colour) and kept staring at it for weeks before finally using it. Funny enough the colour's been holding up since december with no complication or breakage thank God.


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