Naturals In The City 11 (NITC11)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

'Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war'
Lucius Seneca

Hi fabs,
It feels like I've lived an entire week in the last three days since my last post, crazy right? It is well...

Anywho, the 11th edition of Naturals In The City took place on Sat the 20th and just in case you're wondering: NITC is a simple 'meet and greet' where naturals, relaxed and all hair textures come to mingle and hang, even men showed up no jokes.

The rain showed up in its best that morning up until the early afternoon but ladies still showed up which was inspiring. My dad personally thought I was crazy going out in that weather, I believe his exact words were: 'So you're going out in the heavy rain for hair?' and I was like 'Definitely' with a sweet smile on my face of the journey began.

I arrived at the venue-The Social Place in Victoria Island at a few minutes to 2 o'clock and the rain had slowed down some so people began to troop in while vendors were setting up for business.

Early bird, real glad I met her - Joan Paase

Natural Nigerian Stand getting set up for the day

Really regret not getting a henna tattoo

Jen of Nigerian and Natural with Linda of Lily's Natural Hair




Ekene of The Kink and I with Isioma

The theme for the day was 'Keeping It Real' and we had four different ladies speak to us in different areas centered around the theme. 

Kelechi Koko - @yellowsisi

First up was Kelechi Koko otherwise known as YellowSisi, who runs a Natural Hair Salon in Port-Harcourt, is an actress and a mother as well - I saw her grownup daughter and was blown away, I immediately called out to God that I look that badass when I have grownup kids. She was major hilarious and her lecture was both enlightening and engaging. Some major points from her session include:

1. Some people are so militant about natural hair...don't make everybody feel like they haven't arrived if they are not natural.

2. Don't get so caught up in the motions chasing hair length and in the process fall for everything anybody says and sells to you ripping you off in the process.

3. Getting caught up in the many different rules of maintaining natural hair can make you lose your individuality, that way you lose the fun side of things.

4. Natural hair can ruin relationships, the key is to be understanding and accommodating.

5. She shared a couple hair care tips such as: 
  • For a more moisturized hair, it is not necessary to do the LOC method  immediately after deep conditioning, she personally moisturises her hair the following day and it works just fine. Our hair sheds everyday so don't panic when you see a few strands off.
  • It is best to protein treat our hair before and after a protective style to strengthen it.
  • Also, using ACV as a final rinse can be drying to the hair so it's best to try alternative ways of using ACV.

6. relax or not to relax your hair? It's your own hair, if it becomes too much to handle you can use a relaxer... it wouldn't be the end of the world as we know it.

Esther Morenikeji

Next up was Esther Morenikeji, a Fitness Trainer who has been a fitness professional for the past 8yrs and is a naturalista. Some highlights from her session:

1. There was major talk about food and fitness and a controversy about Nigerian foods being fattening which she felt was unfounded and untrue saying it depends on how you prepare these dishes. For example, there's nothing wrong with eating yam, you could roast it as against deep frying and to my major surprise it's actually healthier than whole wheat bread which I was completely oblivious to. Also brown rice and the local ofada rice are healthier choices.

2. Food is more than calories, it's about health and nourishment.

3. 150-180mins of exercise a week is sufficient to stay healthy. If it is weight loss you are seeking, your diet goes a long way since weight loss has little to nothing to do with exercise but rather nutrition.

4. Keep everything simple, life is not complicated so you could always jump with a skipping rope in the house, eat fruits, eat locally ,move more. Don't be stingy with the food, give out as much energy as you take in by exercising if you are eating too much.

Sherese Ijewere, Nutrition Consultant - Carib Health

The third lecture was by Sherese Ijewere, a Nutrition Consultant of Carib Health. Major points to note include:

1. She reiterated that you can lose weight without exercising, let this be your daily mantra: Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, Supper like a pauper.

2. Don't skip meals, it will cause the body to hold on to the next food you put in leading to weight gain.

3. Don't mix certain foods and drinking water during meals is okay. Eat your fruits first then within thirty minutes or an hour you could eat regular food.

4. Pawpaws in the evening is fine, so also apples and grapefruits but no pineapples at night please.

We went for a short break to check out stands and shop as desired before we were seated once again for the last lecture.

Jen and yours truly

Jen of Nigerian and Natural, Lolade Cameron-Cole of Namaste Organics, Atilola of African Naturalistas and Kelechi Koko

People shopping to their hearts content

Geraldine of My Intimate Pleasure Shop
The last speaker was Geraldine from My Intimate Pleasure Shop (an Online shop) and she spoke majorly on embracing your sexuality and also addressed certain misconceptions about women. Truth be told I didn't do much writing here cos it was an interactive class where everyone dug in and I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to disclose details even though I love you guys so much.

Maureen...hmmm hair goals

After this, we pretty much just mingled, shopped, chatted away and started heading back home at almost 7pm but it was still quite bright for 7pm so no one really noticed. It was an interesting day and as always I'm grateful to the organizers - Natural Nigerian, Carib Health and The Kink & I, for yet another fun Meetup. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

With Berry of Berry Dakara, yet another person I'm grateful I met

Time to go home Ify!!!

I'm going to run along now so till my next post guys,

Stay fabulous.



  1. You pictures are so so good!
    It really was a great meetup.
    I took over most of the pictures, LOL!
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Yeah it was great and my pleasure taking pictures of you and our lovely kinks, anytime dear!!!

  2. Hi Ify. Amazing capture of the event. It was great seeing you yesterday.
    Great blog, I shall frequent and spread the word. Take care


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