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Monday, June 15, 2015

'Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance'
Coco Chanel

Hey beautiful people,
Great weekend yeah? I could almost agree, well besides the rain though - not overly fond of water or getting beat by it.
I think I could pass for a cat sometimes or maybe catwoman like the movie, honestly who wouldn't want to be that bad-ass...that could definitely come in handy at some point.

Anywho, reality check: my name is Ify Ejindu, not Halle Berry so note-to-self: 'Get with the program Ify'.

Ok guys, straight to the post then.

So my friends and I wanted to do a themed shoot and we decided we wanted a location with a certain retro feel in a manner of speaking. All things led us down to a house that was under renovation and regardless of the downpour at the time, we were able to do our business though it was tiring. Afterwards, my friend was kind enough to take these few shots of me for the blog and I apologize for the tired and beatdown look I have going on mostly around my face, it was unavoidable.

I got this Vintage top from an online Retail Vintage Store I came across on Instagram called Retro Religion. Let me just say this guys - it was love at first sight. My eyes were assaulted all at once by many gorgeous vintage prints and I really wanted one for myself. The nice lady behind the brand was really nice and patient enough to hook me up with this baby. You know I love colour, I particularly love the mix on this top and I guess it's an extra bonus it just happens to be sporting my favorite color purple.

I paired it with this pair of black shorts for a more comfy look. I had these shorts tailored a while back and I love wearing shorts generally, not like I have great legs or anything (I mean have you seen my legs that have been scarred by my allergies - not 'Beyonce' pretty at all), I just enjoy the comfort is all.

I couldn't wait to style this pair of heels I got off Asos, I really love the cut and color. Oh and notice how I have a slight protrusion at the top of my ankle - that is the result of an ankle injury from high school that never properly healed mostly thanks to me and my nonchalance. It still hurts once in a while and when it does I stay away from heels for a bit.

As accessories go I didn't do much, I settled for this set of rings from Forever21, they seem to be all I wear these days...well these or some other knuckle rings I have lying around. It came in a set of 15rings and I like the spiky dents on them, each has a different design.

Short: Custom-made
Shoes: Asos
Rings: Forever21

That's it for this ensemble guys,

Till our next date,

Stay fabulous.



  1. Lip colour caught my attention, name?
    Pretty Ify in Vintage. kisses!

    1. Awww thanks boo.Lippie is a mystery i discovered under a pedestrian bridge,post should be up on the blog today *fingers crossed* means alot that you stopped by :*


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