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Monday, June 22, 2015

'Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower'
Shigenori Kameoka

Hey guys,
Monday as usual. I had scheduled to share this beauty-find last week but I moved it over to this week cos of time in my current capacity as narrator I'm going to relate the events that led up to this find.

I feel I should start by mentioning how much I loathe crossing roads in this country of ours especially in Lagos. That, as far as I'm concerned, is just an open invitation asking to get yourself killed since it appears that most Lagos driver's think everyday on the road is an opportunity to showcase their Formula 1 skills. Even on some residential streets some drivers be driving like it's the highway or something...what's with that?

I've been hit by a car twice, a bike once and my foot run over once and trust me it wasn't that much fun so I know firsthand how to flee from moving vehicles. So during one of my regular walks through pedestrian bridges with my friend (sadly Nigeria wasn't blessed with zebra crossings), I came across these liquid lipstains but my friend had already seen them some time prior to that day.

I was attracted by the pretty red shade of the first lippie,it was reminiscent of Lime Crime's Velvetine Lippies: a cross between the shades 'Red velvet' and 'Suedeberry'. Well my curiousity had been piqued and you know Lagos people wouldn't let you swatch anything except your buying so I purchased the red shade. It was super inexpensive - 300naira, that made it a win-win for me cos if it turned out terrible I wouldn't have buyer's remorse and if it turned out okay it will be a steal. Call me crazy but some of us are still recovering from fuel scarcity hence no splurging or wastefulness.

When I tried it out it was actually okay, I liked the consistency and it dried out really fast which was perfect so I went back to purchase the brown shade but the purple shade which I also wanted was unavailable at the time. They had changed the packaging a couple times so I felt the new purple shade looked kinda different from the old one so I didn't venture there when I saw it in a new tube. 

The brown shade looks like the shade 'Salem' of the Lime Crime Velvetines and it dried out pretty okay. I discovered over time using other lipstains that it's not something you apply in a hurry cos you have to sculpt out your lips properly or you ruin the whole thing...that's why lately I stick to good ol' lipstick or just plain lipgloss cos nobody got that kind of time. It seems I'm always in a hurry these days so no elaborate makeup or lipstick. 

The only problem I had with this lippie is that it can feel really dry on the lips which I find really awkward but my friend didn't complain of that so I tried out applying it lightly and the dryness was hardly noticeable.

Oh and guess what? You don't have to go visiting pedestrian bridges if you want this, it is currently stocked on the online retail store  'the5kshop' and is sold at 750naira which is also pretty affordable for both splurg-ers and steal-ers. In case your wondering, as the name implies everything in the store is sold for 5k and under so check that out, you would definitely be impressed.

That's it from over here guys plus forgive my manners: hope the rain didn't ruin our plans over the weekend? I'm hoping for a more compliant weather this week.

See you on the next one fam.

Kisses from Lagos.



  1. Nice, i would definitely like to try it out. I'm already loving the "suedeberry"


  2. Iv got that.. N i cn tell u its nice. *whispers* u can get it cheaper tho.. Buh altogether nice.

  3. Hi Ify, quick do you get it off? I got the purple one..lovely shade of purple, tried it once...felt too dry and then wouldn't come off. So it's just sitting pretty in my makeup purse :(

    1. I use baby wipes and it does okay but after taking off all my makeup I wash my face thoroughly. I know it can get pretty tiring trying to get it all off so I'm on a break myself.

  4. I really like the purple one; that's the only one I've tried but mehn is it dry and mehn does it crack!
    Nigerian and Natural


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