What's In My Bag

Monday, May 4, 2015

'Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided-
Great is Thy faithfulness; Lord, unto me!'
Thomas Obediah Chisholm

Happy new month!!!
Had a good weekend yeah?
No worries, there's still time for a turnaround.

So the wonderful Jen of Nigerian and Natural tagged me in her 'What's in my bag' post which was lovely by the way,it was so much fun reading it here. I finally wrote this after more than a week I apologize so here it is.

Firstoff I love my bags oversize with many different compartments for enough room to stuff things however whenever I do decide to carry a smaller bag mostly during the weekends, there are certain things that just have to come along with me.

Just a little heads up - my bag might be a little weird so please don't freak or judge. Here no particular order - 

1. Sunglasses: For the sunny days which somehow happens to be everyday - I don't understand what season we currently are in cos both rain and sun come at will.I hardly ever use my sunglasses during the week because I get to work early before it begins to sun and I leave late in the evenings when it's not sunny so they are only useful during the weekends.

2. Day-Planner & Pen: Everyone loves a good plan and I love to put down my ideas on paper whenever they pop up in my head so I carry this most of the time, assuming whatever bag I'm with is big enough to accommodate it.

3. Nail File: These days my fingernails chip easily which is a wonder considering I haven't used fake nails in a little over two years. I don't really like that raggedy look when it happens so I file it into shape and people look at me like I'm crazy when I do,beats me.

4. Hand fan: For when I find myself in a hot zone lol.

5. Flip-flops: This has been saving lives since 1855 and this particular one is the comfiest of them all.Just take a moment to imagine getting all dolled up only to be walking on a busy or rough road and your poor sandals snap because of the bumpy road and there's no cobbler around to fix it,well I can imagine cos I've been there and best believe when I say it was not funny.You know the saying- 'once bitten twice shy', well I'm a true believer hence a flip-flop in my bag always at the ready.

6. Scarf: For when it gets chilly at work or wherever I am, somehow I find myself getting really cold in air conditioning these days - who knows what I'm turning into...

7. Perfume/Body Mist: Who doesn't love to smell good?

8. Hand Cream: I wash my hands a lot so when they feel dry this helps.

9. Phone, Power Bank, USB Cord & Headphones: For when I need to catch up on all the juicy and decadent gossip going on in the world around me and I definitely wouldn't want my phone battery to be a buzzkill. Also I love music even when I'm working so my headphones are priceless if you ask me.

10. Hand Sanitizer: This is the most important item in my bag as far as I'm concerned.First off I'm not overly crazy about dirt and this has been a comfortable occupant of my bag since before university (my friends say that somehow I foresaw Ebola hehe). And since taxi drivers in Lagos aren't smiling anymore coupled with my lack of driving prowess, public transportation seems like the current way to go.Also random sweaty strangers rubbing up on you in the buses isn't my idea of a fun-time so I hold my hand sanitizers like my life depends on it.

11. Paloma Super Soft Paper: I'm not sure whether to call this toilet paper or just plain soft paper but I'm particularly fond of this brand mostly because for me it doubles as a blotting paper. It's been a while since I bought blotting paper for dabbing at my sometimes shiny face and this has proved useful.It doesn't tear up leaving white paper particles on your face but does the job of a blotting paper almost effectively plus it's great having tissue paper around for when things get messy.

12. Afro-pick: For when I'm sporting my natural hair like now otherwise it's a hairbrush.

13. Makeup: I used to have a small makeup bag in there but recently I took that out since I realized I wasn't really using it so rather I just take my powder and brush,along with my lipstick/lipliner for the day,blackliner,browpencil and q-tips which is basically all that I really ever use lately in the small makeup bag.

14. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins: For my braids or when my natural hair seems to have a mind of it's own.

15. Dental Floss: I'm almost out and I can't wait to replace this cos I never once enjoyed using this brand. The thing keeps on cutting and getting stuck in my teeth and I think I might have created a new hole thanks to this floss.

16. Flash-Drive: I like to have this at hand every time cos I never know what I might need to get sometimes from a friend.

17. Paracetamol & Loratidine: For when I can't ignore the headache any longer and the other is an antihistamine for when my allergies kick in - what can I say, I'm trying not to be an addict.

18. Wallet: We can't be going round town without money cos that's playing with fire besides this also has my ID card, Access card, ATM card and some other relevant things.

That's pretty much all that my bag contains, don't think I left anything out. Sorry it's a lot, please forgive my OCD tendencies.

So this was fun, I'm sure most people already did this tag but if you haven't yet please have at it and do let us know (you could probably tag us on instagram when you do).

I have a couple posts carried over from last week so please be patient with me as I get back in the flow of things, you guys come first best believe it.

Till the next one people,
Hugs and Sugar.



  1. Yay, you did the post!
    My mum has those slippers. I also used to carry Loratidine around until I ran out.
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Mehn those slippers are LIFE-the strongest I've ever owned and perfect for Lagos terrain.Didn't realize how much was in my bag till I started offloading Lol...left out snacks though cos I had munched everything in the bag the day before.This was really fun, thanks plenty Jen mmuahhhh!!!

  2. I like this post. Enjoyed reading it


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