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Sunday, May 10, 2015

'I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good'

Happy Sunday!!!

I realized I hadn't done a post on photography in some time now and today felt like it was as good a day as any other to do just that.

Fear not loves, you already know how I feel about photography if you read my last post on the subject here, so I don't plan to ramble on and on about it.

Last weekend, mayday to be precise, a couple friends and I got together to do a shoot and between the four of us there was a model, a designer, a makeup/hair stylist and a photographer which was perfect (it's funny how I wound up having friends all into the arts even though growing up I was into everything science-sie). 

The location we decided on for the shoot was the Iddo Train Terminus and I had never been before that day so I was pretty psyched seeing all those trains, the weirdest things excite me sometimes so I've come to terms with that fact ha ha!

 Jumpsuit - binienu
Designer/Stylist - Kaeto Nwuba
               Model - Anuli Nzewi
Makeup/Hair Stylist - Nkiru Akparuorji

I try my best to learn as much as I can everyday so this shoot was like another learning session for me since I expect that anybody who has a defining passion strives to be better at what they do otherwise it's all a waste. I might not be very confident in my photography just yet cos it's still new but I expect that someday soon I will be; it would be the most wonderful feeling in the world and I would get to share all that with you guys seeing as we are all together on this journey of self discovery through life.

     Crop Top - binienu
Boyfriend Jeans - Vero moda

I think we were at the train station for maybe 3hrs and change, taking pictures and personally I was taking in the view- soaking it all up, you know how I love great views...I make it a point to always stop and smell the roses every once in a while so I don't miss out on some of the most beautiful things around me and I thoroughly enjoyed doing some of the things I love that day with some really great people as well.

Sorry for the picture overload, tried not putting up most of it but I couldn't help myself. Time to go prep for the new week.

But before I's wishing you the best of life's beauty this week and beyond.




  1. My favourite post so far. Really Entertaining and refreshing. I enjoyed the pictures of the train station since I haven't seen one live *hehe. Go girl! I hope I don't get hooked to your blog. Yea! Good work Kaeto, Anuli and Ify. I know talented people Mehn!

    1. Awwww, thanks hun...pleaseeeeeee dear we would love for you to get hooked *winks*


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