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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

'Waste your money and you are only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part of your life'
Michael Lebocuf

This is going to be a pretty straight forward post about how I achieved my very own crotchet braids and this was inspired by my friend Anuli as seen on her in my previous post here.

This was my second attempt at doing crotchet braids by myself, the first time I tried it out I used Expression braiding hair and I was pretty much in a hurry so I didn't get to document the whole shebang.

Before I dive into details I feel obliged to express the pain I feel in my heart whenever I visit hair salons and stores that sell hair extensions. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed how brands (like Noble and Expression) known for making not-so-fabulous synthetic hair extensions suddenly evolved overnight doing almost a complete 360? Now they are spitting out really nice weaves that don't look so synthetic regardless of the fact that they are, giving human hair weaves some competition. Currently you can actually afford to fix a nice looking weave from these brands without breaking the bank and my heart is like...WHY??? How dare they? Where were these dudes when my hair was relaxed? Such an injustice, they waited for me to go natural eh? WICKED PEOPLE!!! (*yells/sobs*)

I almost feel better getting that off my chest, now to the crotchet braids...

I used the Expression Multi in the color 33 for this particular crotchet, they sold for 450naira a pack and I bought 4 of them. Initially when my friend wanted hers done, we went to the store to get the extensions (in the colour 1) and they sold for 400 a pack but some days later when we went to get mine they had run out of them and it was the same with several other stores. When they eventually became available just last week they had upped the price so if you're considering getting this it might sell for various prices in different locations.

This extension is actually used to do a kind of dreadlocks and is sewed onto tiny braided sections of your hair giving it that thick dreadlock-ie look so the hair actually comes in strands of the thick dreadlock-ie mesh. Each pack came with 15 of those strands of hair but I separated each strand into 3 separate strands giving it a wavy/curly look which I much prefer. 

You would have to take extra care separating each strand so you don't ruin the curls because this hair frizzes pretty easily. I didn't want to separate all the 4 packs at once so I did a pack only when I had exhausted the already separated ones, that way I wouldn't end up with a tangled mass of separated strands making my life not-so-easy.

Braid Pattern
After I got the separating out of the way, I moved on to braiding my freshly washed, conditioned, deep-conditioned, treated and dried hair. The braid pattern I used had 12 cornrows in the front one-third of my hair connecting to 4 cornrows in the remaining two-thirds of my hair. That way I can wear my hair whichever way I want be it a side-part, a centre-part, an updo or a ponytail so I don't get bored with one look. I'm not as good just yet at braiding my own hair as I would somebody else's so please bear with my rough braid pattern, it would have to do. I couldn't hold my edges properly either so I decided to just let them be, edge control will serve its purpose in that respect. I tucked the last resulting tail of cornrow into the cornrow next to it to avoid doing any sewing with a needle and thread.

When I was done with the braid pattern, I went straight into the crocheting using a bobby pin that I had widened at the top/mid section making it pretty easy to maneuver, that way I didn't miss a crotchet latch hook too much. 

And here's how the back portion looked like:

The steps I used in installing the hair. are pretty self explanatory as seen in the pictures.

1. I passed the bobby pin underneath the cornrow to the other side with the wider end facing outwards.

2. I put a strand of hair through the open end, pulled it through and made sure that both halves of the strand were equal.

3. I pulled the bobby pin back to it's initial position with the hair still inside of it.

4. Now I have two ends of the hair strand on one side and on the other side I have the loop created by the junction of the two halves. I went ahead to pass the two ends of the hair strand through the loop, I twisted my hand that was holding the loop and passed the ends through a second time. I did this three times mostly because of OCD so I couldn't help myself but passing it through the loop just once is good enough

5. Holding the two ends of the strand tightly in one hand, push the loop towards the supporting cornrow to tighten it that way creating a snug knot.

...and VOILA!!! that's all there is to it.

Do this all over the cornrows taking extra care to put the braids close together in the front portion of your hair, that way you avoid the raggedy look that would have been created if they were spaced-out leaving ugly separations.

So this was the end result...

Please ignore my ugly shiny face, just got back from work tired and took this picture of the hair cos I forgot to take a shot of the finished look when I was done during the weekend. I trimmed the hair considerably into this poodle-looking bundle so that it would look slightly work appropriate which I'm not sure it does anyway.

It took me a little over 5 hours to get this done and I sort of took breaks in between to terrorise my family members, grab a snack & then lunch, cyberstalk you guys and chat with friends as usual.

Crotchet braids make really good protective styles since you are not manipulating and pulling at your hair everyday.Told you guys I was going on a protective style boot camp, well I meant it and this is going to be my protective style for the next one month before I try something else. You guys are welcome to join in this endeavour if you will but don't forget to still take care of your real hair underneath cos that is 'bae' right there.

That's all of it from over here guys,
Hope this was helpful.

Till the next one,



P.S: I've been itching to give my mane a name, is that weird? What do you guys think? Any suggestions? What are your go-to protective styles? Hit me up in the comment section let's party!!!


  1. Copied and pasted in my brain😁 + screen grabbed

    Thanks Ify... I feel bad for my hairdresser though

    1. haha, but some hairdressers are too good to let go of though.

  2. Sweeeetieee.. I absolutely love ur blog. N i jes referred smone to it. Love d hair too. Keep up d good work and keep giving me more reason to come steal ur clothes ��

  3. This really helped me a great deal. Though, my hair is not natural but protective styles are suitable for all hair kinds.

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