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Saturday, April 4, 2015

'But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed' 
Isaiah 53 verse 5

Happy Easter!!!

I woke up this morning with absolutely no care in the world and this rarely happens,pretty psyched that I get two extra days off to celebrate easter and relax considerably.Honestly I've been counting down to this holiday since Christmas
and shamelessly looking forward to the next declared public holiday with just as much enthusiasm.During holidays like this I'm always really busy and I always end up not puting up a post but this time around things are a little better and I couldn't be any more appreciative.

It felt like a Saturday yesterday and I needed to get out of the house to run some errands so they don't end up piling up.It didn't feel like 'a jeans and a tee' kinda day so I opted for something a little less constricting.

I had this orange skirt tailored with a DaViva fabric that was gifted to me by a friend and so far I had literally worn it just once so when I saw it lying around in my time of need I pulled it out from its hideout inside of my wardrobe.I particularly like this fabric because of the tribal print it has going on and currently in the world of fashion this trend seems like it's here to stay.

Because of the versatility of this print,they are always pretty easy to style without breaking the bank.I paired mine with this navy blue loose fit chiffon top I also had tailored when I was in desperate need of light tees.We know just how hot and terribly unpredictable the current Lagos weather has a tendency of becoming so I find myself wearing mostly light clothing all for comfort.

I kept the accessories minimal with just my gold flip-flops and earrings for that effortless look.I like that this ensemble has a flirty and whimsical quality to it and this is usually my go-to casual look when I'm feeling all girly though I have to say I'm a lover of skirts in all its different forms.Been wearing more of skirts this past week but I'm sure I shall be pulling out the jeans before this holiday is over.

Getting back to the holiday spirit right now so do enjoy the rest of this short holiday.

Till my next post,
Have a good time.



  1. Why didn't you talk about your hair? I actually wanted to see what you did with it.

    1. Sorry about that dear,there wasn't much happening over there.


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