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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

'You only get so many chances in life to learn about other people. If you can look beyond stereotypes, other's opinions, and appearances you will find what it truly means to love'
Jesse Marie Kavumpurath

Hey lovelies,
I wrote this post last night but somehow I fell asleep as I was about to hit 'publish' and then I woke up this morning safely tucked in bed courtesy my sister. Anyhoo,it's never too late so here it is: my April faves so far.

1. Mont Blanc Legend
You know I'm a sucker for fragrances at the expense of my poor wallet so meet the new bae. Fortunately,I didnt have to use my hard earned money to get this baby,swiped this from my dad. He acquires all these nice fragrances but never uses them so this time around I channeled my 'inner thug' and bullied this out of him. Yes it's a male fragrance but there's just something about it that is reminiscent of femininity : it has this clean,sensual and wholesome note to it that I'm currently into. So far it's also pretty long-lasting like I've not had to re-apply except after some couple hours.

2. Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara (Black)
I can't remember the last time I had an elaborate makeup on; my current go-to look is bare eyes,winged eyeliner,mascara and nude lips.Even the winged eyeliner isn't so winged anymore since we are trying to keep it work-appropriate. I wanted to switch things up from my other clinique mascara so I bought this at Casabella last week during my last hunt for new products. I love that the consistency of the mascara solution isn't too thick which makes it easy to work with though I've not really seen anything volumizing about it just yet.

3. F.M Makeup Silicone Base
Not all people are familiar with this brand of makeup and skincare products but you might want to check them out cos they are pretty okay. This is a face primer that helps prepare the skin for makeup and prolongs it's durability.It's even written on the tube that in cases of oily and combination skin you apply directly to cleansed face but in cases of dry skin you apply after moisturizing. Well it seems like they did some kinda 'juju' on my usual combination skin because lately it's been dry so I use a moisturizer a lot. Even with the little makeup I apply daily,this really helps reduce creasing and my usual dull look.

4. Alamode Link Chain Necklace (Gold)
I've been having this minimalist vibe lately so when I came across this necklace on Jumia I was pretty pleased. It is simple and has this understated elegance to it, a really big plus is that my neck hasn't reacted to it like it usually does to most gold-plated necklaces and this hasn't faded a bit.It goes with almost everything I put together and is perfect for that conservative-work look.

5. Grey Converse Hi-Top Sneakers (Chuck Taylors)
I owe my new sneaker fetish to nysc. I've always fancied sneakers but never wore them so much but thanks to that ugly oversize nysc boots I've acquired a couple of them.Who knows-by the time July rolls by and I'm done with nysc I just might have an actual sneaker collection. I really like this pair cos of the light grey hue as against the conventional black and ever since getting this the previous week, I've rocked this three times with my outfits because they are so comfy.

6. Legend Tea & Herbs Miracle Moringa Tea
So my mum and I share the same craze for tea so I always like to try out any new thing she buys because I know firstoff it's going to be something healthy and yummy. Moringa boasts of many health benefits some of which include: promotes energy and proper digestion, acts as an antioxidant and is an anti-inflammatory, increases the natural defences of the body, takes care of the immune system and it beautifies the skin amongst many other benefits. This tea isn't exactly sweet for those of us with sweet tooth but it really is lovely, relaxing and veryyy healthy.

I've not read a book this month and I'm pretty ashamed of myself but I've been so tired. I started a book but I honestly haven't gotten past page 4 in 3 weeks but I promise to do better before the month is over.

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Also I want to know what you guys have been crazy about lately, any sinful indulgences? Let's keep it interesting in the comment section below.

Yours always,


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