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Saturday, February 28, 2015

'The glory of this latter house shall be greater than that of the former, saith the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts'
Haggai 2:9 KJV

Hi guys!
It's the last day in February, two months gone already and the year keeps flying on. Raising my glass to March in advance, it can only be better.

Hope it's been a good weekend so far, I can't really complain. It was wash day yesterday and I did the ACV rinse to cleanse my scalp and twists as usual.When I was drying my hair afterwards I noticed my coppery highlights peeking out of my twists and then I realized that I hadn't put up a post on how I coloured my hair so this is it. 

One of the many reasons I'm in love with natural hair is cos of it's versatility.You can choose to wear your hair naturally,you could straighten it out or do updos if you like,or you could take a walk on the wild side and colour it or have a sleek cut,bottom line-you could never get bored with it (except maybe on my lazydays).I've always fancied colored hair, I find it pretty ballsy and interesting so I always planned to color my hair eventually but I didn't want Henna or even Cassia obovata for my first time...somehow I just got tired of waiting(no surprise there).

It all started in a small little town in Lagos city where two girls sat watching TV...ummmmmmm I think (Lol no worries guys,I just had a Shakespearean moment but I really hope this fairytale has a happy ending).So I was hanging out with one of my natural sistas,we were watching TV and chatting when she pointed out a TV personality. Im not quite sure who she was right now but I recall she had on this really low teeny weeny afro,it had a red tint and I remember thinking 'oh wow that's cute'. Then my friend gives me the 411 on her and tells me she posted on Instagram that she used the 'Dark and Lovely New Color Intensity Anti-dryness Permanent Colour'.

Dark and Lovely New Color Intensity Anti-dryness Permanent Colour.

If you've heard anything about dyes you know well enough to stay away from the permanent ones because of a prevalence of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide capable of creating unfortunate results like hair breakage,skin-allergies & discolouration.So when I heard the word 'permanent' I was skeptical but at the same time interested cos of the results I saw on her. Since my interest had already been piqued and I'm usually like a dog with a bone when I want something,I decided to go to the store to check out hair dyes and I stumbled on the same dye while there.

I did what I usually do at the store:straight to the interweb to check out reviews.I saw promising recommendations and there was a particular glowing review with pictures and details on her personal application,at that point I said 'OK Ify you can do this'.I bought the dye eventually in the shade 'radiant copper' and inside the packaging it comes with a hair colourant cream,a colour developer,a pair of gloves as well as an instruction leaflet with instructions to guide you. It was also a comfort to realise that though it had hydrogen peroxide it didnt have the usual ammonia associated with permanent dyes rather it had ethanolamine significant to demi-permanent dyes.This made me more inclined to try it out since the ingredients leaned towards demi-permanent dyes rather than permanent dyes.

L-R: Mixing bowl,Spatula,Hair Colourant Cream,Colour Developer,Instruction Leaflet & a Pair of Gloves.

Demi-permanent dyes are less damaging to hair because of lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, they are gentler on the hair and usually wash out after a long amount of shampooing.I customized my application based on the results I wanted though I would admit that throughout the application I was scared for my hair.Turns out God really does love me and my hair and there was no harm done at the end.The results were pretty good and so far my hair doesn't seem to be affected negatively-no unusual dryness or breakage-there has basically been no change in my hair so far.

The results: I didn't colour the roots,did kinda like an ombre effect only on the front three-quarters of my hair

Day 4 twist-out with Eco Styler gel

Would I try this again?

Definitely, but not anytime soon(let's allow the hair breathe for a while) and I would love to try out something new and different so I might not be using this again-we don't wanna rock the boat hehe.

I would put up updates if there are any changes in both my hair and my opinion but I'm hoping there will be none since I did this early December last year and it has been fine ever since.

Have you tried out any kind of dyes lately?

Leave a comment let's do a 'back and forth'.
Remember to do your homework before putting anything in your hair,better safe than sorry.

That's it guys,till the next.
Enjoy the weekend.


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