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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat,known suffering,known struggle,known loss,and have found their way out of the depths.These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity,and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion,gentleness and a deep loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.'
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Hey guys!!!
Great weekend I'm hoping,mine was pretty eventful.
How,you might be wondering?
Well that's an easy one...
Simply put: I got to spend time with some amazing ladies.

On Saturday was *drum roll please*...the highly anticipated 'Naturals In The City 10 (NITC10)' organised by The Kink & I, Natural Nigerian and Carib Health.You might ask why I'm super excited writing this,well it's because I had been looking forward to attending it since the 8th edition that held in Calabar and the 9th that happened in November while I was stuck in NYSC camp.So since God's got my back,I was opportuned to attend the NITC10 on Saturday that took place at The Social Place,Victoria Island.

In case you're wondering what it was,it was basically a kinda meet-and-greet where we had talks on hair,skincare and health centered around the theme 'Making the best of what you have' and everyone was welcome whether natural,relaxed or transitioning (hehe no discrimination hunnies). It was a ton of fun seeing as lovely ladies where allowed to share with the rest of the house their hair journey as well as goals, and seasoned professionals gave the best of themselves in re-educating the lot of us and believe me a lot of misconceptions were addressed.

The speakers were Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door, Nkechi Ofoegbu of Natural Nigerian, Dr. Patrick Ijewere of Carib Health as well as Isioma and each talk was pretty informative and you couldn't help but admire their spirit .Suffice it to say I left with loads of helpful information I picked up,have studied on and I'm all the better for:so I will definitely be sharing with you guys in time.Also,I saw some really pretty tresses that reinforced my love for natural hair and some all-round pretty personalities.

Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door

Ekene of The Kink And I

Registration Desk

Product Swap Counter

It was interactive,lovely ambience and oh did I mention we had a lovely and gracious hostess-The Kink and I, and some yummy stands with loads of hair products and accessories as well as skincare products.Yeah I confess the anticipation was killing me so I sort of snuck out to spy at the stands and I'm ashamed to say I missed some parts of the last talk by Isioma(*sobs*)....shame on me.I eventually ended up going round all the stands and not too long after I started my stalking,the talks pretty much ended and everybody moved over to checking the stands.There was also a product swap where people dropped off products they wanted to swap when they first got to the registration desk and picked up a different product that interested them.

Sahara Sunrise

Nature's Gentle Touch stand offered free hair consultation

Desola of  @theshowergirls

T-shirts,Drinks,Oils and Cookies for sale

I had an undoubtedly great time nosing around all the stands and I was able to pick up a few things myself and so did my friends-yeah I forgot to mention how I hounded my friends Onyi and Chioma three weeks prior to Saturday,making sure to send out reminders so they included NITC10 in their schedule for Saturday and as God would have it I successfully dragged them along that day.I think I speak for all three of us when I say we were glad we made it,only regret is I'm not sure I mingled enough cos I was so engrossed in checking out products and stands and then at around 5pm I was starving owing to lack of breakfast so I had to leave to go get something to eat.

Onyi,Yours Truly and Chioma

Outfit Of The Day #OOTD

Did you notice my Goodie Bag???

Chioma *sweetz* 

In my quest to find food I stumbled on a restaurant and my experience made me decide to start a foodie series on this blog because if I hadn't mentioned already: I LOVE FOOD,I don't eat a lot but unfortunately it doesn't mean I eat everything or anything without serious thought.I love properly cooked meals,my friends say I complain a lot whenever we go to eat someplace and I always have to analyse each meal which they find both annoying and amusing but what can I say: I am me and my mother had a big part to play in my obsessive nature where food is concerned so blame it on her.

Anyways I don't want to bore you with a long post so I'll put up another post this week about my foodie experience and since we are going to be making it a thing,I will definitely make it a habit to visit more restaurants:budget-friendly of course, and then I'll write about it so you guys can tell me what you think.But seeing as the weekend was exciting,it was pretty short since Monday came so quick and it's been a tiring week so far which means I'm probably gonna be hugging my bed this weekend as my body's way of getting back at me for the supposed wrong I did it this past weekend-Apparently too much fun is a crime.As such, I'm doubtful I will be leaving my bedroom this saturday but things will work themselves out I hope.

So I will leave you to some of the pictures I took before I was completely distracted and lost in a world of hair and skincare delight.I promise to be better next time and I'm saying a big-big thank you to everyone that made NITC10 happen,I'm glad I made it and I'm sorry you might have missed it but there will be others *fingers crossed*.

Until my next post guys,
Stay fabulous.


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