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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'You said to lean on your arm
And I am leaning
You said to trust in your love
And I am trusting
You said to call on your name
And I am calling
I'm stepping out on your word.'
Maya Angelou

Hi darlings!!!

Yeah your favourite stalker checking in yet again...hope things are looking up this week,if not,just a little bit more patience yeah?

So I know I said I was gonna be spending this past weekend wrapped up in bed clothes and sheets safely tucked away in my bed trying not to melt away...well things didn't quite go my way.I ended up heading off to Glam Up for Women's month organised by Eve & tribe which took place at their flagship store in Ikoyi.

Eve & tribe,formerly known as Rukky Simone,is a leading fashion-forward women's clothing brand known for it's ever stimulating,trendy and downright classy designs that embodies the very essence of femininity with just the right amount of edgy confidence for the corporate and casual yet fun-loving lady.The best part is you dont have to rob a bank to look Eve & Tribe fabulous because they are quite affordable with the highest quality guaranteed so it is a big win for us girls.
When I got the initial email about Glam Up being a styling event where we get style tips as well as other goodies,I was psyched because for a fashion lover why wouldn't I love an affair on styling? So like any other person in my shoes I looked forward to it and envisioned myself in some cool spot,legs crossed,ears all perked up,hands at the ready taking down notes and trying not to miss out on anything like anybody who loves a juicy gossip.Fortunately,I was disappointed and disappointment has never felt so good.

Photo credit: Eve & Tribe

It turned out that the Styling event was actually a STYLING event-I know I just sounded like a crazy person repeating the same thing but trust me I know what I'm saying.It was so outside anybody's thinking to imagine something different like what we met and I really have to give the team at Eve & Tribe a thumbs up for thinking outside the box.Their idea of a styling session which I loved hands down,entailed people coming into the store to try out pieces from all their collections with the team giving you tips on what to try on,how to wear it,what goes with what and all that fun stuff...... word-YUM!!!

I'm sure everyone who walked in was taken aback,I know I was.I thoroughly enjoyed myself surrounded by pretty things almost like the event was tailor-made for me: someone probably whispered into their ears that their styling idea was my favourite pastime or maybe that is just me deluding myself (Oh well,what can I say?)

I tried on a couple outfits,took some pictures,met really nice people and had some scintillating conversation.There was cake and wine as well as some in-store discounts which was just perfect for me-ended up leaving with a goodie bag and picking up something for Mother's day which my Mum loved.That's a plus for me which means I just might end up getting away with a decadent act somewhere down the line so yes it's a bribe as always-Mothers are the best,extra points for endurance.Yes don't try denying it;almost every gift you get your mum is a bribe and you know it,I'm just more honest about mine.

Ultimately it was a lovely event and the turnout was good,I'm glad I got out of bed after all.If you think you missed out,well you're in luck cos they are having a Pop-Up event on the mainland this weekend the 21st at Citrus Stores,Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall,Surulere so head on down and have some fun on me and while you're at it make some awesome memories.The week is still young so I'm expectant to see how it goes up until the weekend.

That's it guys,till the next one.
Don't forget-you are never fully dressed without a smile mmuahhhh!!!


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