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Friday, March 20, 2015

'The eye should learn to listen before it looks'
Robert Frank

Holla chicas!!!
It's friday people...who's excited?
I certainly am and you should be too.
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and probably some innocent fun whichever comes first.

Sooooo second love after fashion of course.Been in love with photography for a long time,just never thought I will be taking it to the next level like serious studying,taking classes,buying know the works.I find myself at this point where everything about photography puts a creepy smile on my face.

Is that sane or just plain crazy?
I don't really know but I couldn't care any less...this is an ongoing love affair,one I'm intent on nurturing-I'm holding on tight and I plan to enjoy every second of the ride.

There's just something I find fulfilling about's like I'm a completely different person when I'm behind the camera.Looking through the camera is like creating a whole new reality where the possibilities are endless and it's up to you to decide what you want the world to see.

All that breathtaking beauty simply in the click of a button and all it takes is your amazing mind painting that picture way before the rest of the world gets to see it.And in that moment,its your show,your story to tell,your rodeo...its all you.

Sometimes I wanna just scream so the whole world could relate to this crazy thrill,this insane high I feel just thinking about photography.Wow,if only you could get inside my head...or probably not-it might be too scary for you of course hehe.My idea of a fun time might not make any sense whatsoever to you but it is what it is to me.

My friends and I went shooting practice yesterday and up until this moment I still think back to yesterday and I smile cos it was major fun taking pictures and being the muse of the day.We ended up at Eko Hotel,took tons of pictures,laughed a lot and had a satisfying day.Wish I could spend most of my days doing just that but no worries I'm making it my life's mission to live life.

Ivory Lace Top-H&M
Black Palazzo Pants-AX Paris
Blue bow Sandals-Primark
Red Oversize Tote c/o Jumia
Red necklace with silver bars c/o Lagos Market

I'm still kinda wondering how we didn't get kicked out yesterday cos of the trouble I'm pretty sure we were but I guess you've gotta appreciate art one way or another.I'm not going to bore you with a long lecture on my crazy obsessions so I'm gonna get back to trying to get home in this crazy traffic.

I would love for you to have the most amazing weekend...

Till my next post,
Stay insanely happy.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks sweetie...had so much fun taking them.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey you...thanks for stopping by, it's been a really long time :D

  3. Ify Ify��....This blog is really taking off...welldone dear...i loved the photography

    1. Awww thanks boo,just trying to make you proud

  4. Hi there Engr. Proud of you dear. Been a while. Pls keep making us proud, make God happy. It's all worth it. Jisike oh Ezigbo.
    Love you ma'am...

    1. Whoops!!! You finally found me, YEAH!!! Love you tons...

  5. Yes I did, and you've just being doing your thing sha abi :)

  6. Yoo! The pants! I know that's not why we are here , but while we are at it can I just say how awesome the trouser is?
    Great job too!

    1. Thanks so much dear...honestly grateful you stopped by


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