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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'I'd rather sink with faith than swim without it'
Stanley Baldwin

I'm sat here on my bed writing this post while sipping a cup of steaming hot chamomile tea which just happens to be one of my current faves.I have been so wound up these past few days and it seems like I

might be coming down with something but I hope not,it's probably just my mind in overdrive.So in a bid to get out of my own head I'm writing this in the hopes that it would work out as always.

I mentioned in my last post about Naturals In The City 10 that after all that fun,hunger set in so my friends and I went in search of something to eat.Since the hunger was intense we thought 'why not try Domino's Pizza down the road'...I think the hunger was amplified when we got their and realized that the place wasn't officially open: think they were still moving in or renovating.

We eventually wandered around till we found ourselves in front of Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall on Idowu Martins,off Adeola Odeku,Victoria Island.We noticed the chinese restaurant right there to the left of the building,
Name: China Town Restaurant
Catchy name yeah? Almost reminiscent of being in China itself. Well I apologize in advance for not taking enough shots of the interior cos I was blinded by hunger unfortunately.

Anyhoo,we were seated at a table;all the tables looked the same and I must say I was loving the feel and the tone was quite relaxing.Then came the part where we had to order and I was sorta distracted trying to document NITC10 that I didn't really look through the menu.I was quite engrossed in what I was doing that when the waiter came round to take our orders I was just as clueless as when I walked in.My friend being a Chinese-cuisine-aficionado helped me order as I was distracted and she decided we eat light.She ordered a bunch of spring rolls (I'm not sure if that is what it was called on the menu) and a bowl of Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (sounds weird I know).

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup with the last roll I hadn't eaten just yet lol

So the spring rolls were totally amazzzzzzeballs,literally cleaned that out fast but unlike my friends I didnt use the peppery sauce thingy they served with it-ate mine plain and it was still delicious though I wish I could say the same about the soup.Don't get me wrong I think anybody else would have found it nice afterall it's usually one of my friend's regulars but I personally think it is an acquired taste.Who knows,probably if I try it again sometime I might come to like it but at the time I felt like I was 5 again and being forced to eat my veggies(it wasn't a great feeling then to say nothing of now).

The soup was basically a mixture of highly shredded chicken and sweet corn in a broth/sauce with spices that felt foreign to my taste buds.On the up-side,it tasted healthy which was the reason why I tried my best to eat it all but we all know that was an epic fail: I ended up picking out all the sweet corn and having a little of the soup. It was getting late so we stayed there a bit longer before we settled the bill and left.It was pretty affordable since the bill came to N4000 for just a bunch of spring rolls,soup and some bottles of water.I would say it was a nice foodie experience mostly because it was really cosy and there were nice families and couples at their tables so it was all relaxed not chilly.

Chioma and that view behind -lovely!

Onyi and I

Moral of the Story: Please try to look at the menu when it's you yeah? Good then.

I'm sorry I didn't take a good picture at the beginning seeing as I had pretty much gobbled up all the spring rolls with my big mouth before I realized I needed pictures for the blog.

So I like that I tried this,looking forward to the next assault on my taste buds,it might just be worth doing time for.

Until my next post,
Be a Foodie,not a Glutton...

Stay healthy.

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