Hair Care Underneath Protective Styles

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Hey guys. As promised this is another traffic report, scratch that hehe, this rather is the post containing the deets on how I take care of my hair underneath my twists.

Quick reminder: protective styles aren't an excuse to ignore your hair, they are called low manipulation styles not no maintenance styles OK? Glad we cleared that up.

So beautiful people, my routine is pretty simple: no calorie-burning necessary. It entails the most basic thing where natural hair care is concerned: moisturise and cleanse.The first thing about natural hair which we all know is that it requires moisture to grow and said moisture doesn't mean a thing if your hair is dirty or greasy with product build-up.

Therefore cleansing your scalp underneath braids,twists or weaves is very important. For my twists I cleanse with Heinz' Apple Cider Vinegar and then deep condition with my ORS replenishing conditioner. I mix quarter cup(2 fl oz=60ml) acv in my spritz bottle with 2cups(16 fl oz=500ml) water (you can use a measuring bottle or a beaker if you have that around) to dilute it to an extent since it has a level of acidity(the Heinz has written on the bottle: '5% acidity') all depending on the size of your hair or twists in this case. I spray this on my twists and scalp to saturate it then I massage my scalp in a clockwise motion with the balls of my fingers to get rid of dirt and buildup. I usually spritz more acv until I'm satisfied with my scalp situation then I rinse it all out with warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

If you've had any encounter with acv whatsoever, maybe when baking, you know that it has this not-so-pleasant smell so you don't wanna be walking around the block with your hair smelling like you just came out of a chemistry practical from way back secondary school days: people would flee.So to remedy this smell situation,I use my ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner and it's citrusy scent does the job plenty.I deep condition for 30 minutes, wash it all out with cold water and then dry off my hair (with an old tee not a towel cos it pulls on the hair and twists) to some extent.

L-R: ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner,ACV,Spritz Bottle

Afterwards I moisturize before fully drying out my hair (to avoid mildew) with cool air since I'm basically staying away from heat for a really long time. You could always stay under a fan or set your blow dryer to the lowest setting or the cool setting if it has one and dry your hair completely.

Moisturizing your hair is the more time consuming of the two since I basically cleanse every 2-3weeks while I moisturize at least 3 times a week. You could always use a leave-in spray to cutback on time spent but I couldn't  find any around so I improvised though I just saw a Garnier leave-in spray today at casabella that looks promising so I will be checking out reviews and decide afterwards. I mixed a little water in my spritz bottle alongside olive oil, few drops of jamaican black castor oil and then some glycerine (I've learnt over time that glycerine is one of the major weapons you wanna have for moisture-sake but that's a story for another day I promise).

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)


L-R: JBCO,Spritz Bottle,Glycerine,Olive Oil,Shea Butter

I stopped adding any leave-in conditioner to this mixture cos I found out the first time I did that I had more buildup way too fast. So now I just mix those 3 things up, spritz my scalp and then massage it with some Shea butter on the balls of my fingers to lock in all that moisture and then I'm golden. I just make sure I dry my hair properly before going to bed and repeat this every 2-3days or whatever works for you.

And like I always say,when you take care of your hair making sure it is properly moisturised and cleansed, your hair will love you back for it. Also for those with itchy or flakey scalps, cleansing your scalp and hair with acv really works wonders so give it a try and see how that works out.

You could always try hot oil treatments and steam if you have twists but I've not had that kinda energy since I got these twists and I just have 3 more weeks before I take them off so I'll just stick to my current routine.

Hope this was helpful guys and that's about all of it.

Till the next post,


P.S: blogging in traffic works out pretty well...

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