Protective Styling Boot Camp

Monday, February 23, 2015

'Despite your sorrows always be thankful for your blessings'
  Rashida Rowe

Evening my pretties....I had intended to write about this sooner but somehow I hadn't gotten around to it so my apologies...again.Anyhoo,about a month ago,I got tired of styling my natural hair and decided to get a protective style done. I had my natural hair on for about 4wks straight and trust me that's the longest I've ever gone without covering it all up again and that was a battle in itself. My main reason being I was looking for a place where I could braid my hair properly and since moving back to Lagos I have been very skeptical about most of the salons I had been to so I simply stuck to getting a weave done (this is like the major reason why I miss school back in Enugu State but I guess I'll live nonetheless).

So I decided to go on something I like to call a 'Protective Styling Boot Camp' which you are most welcome to join in. So the basic idea behind this is that I intend to install protective hairstyles consecutively for at least 6months (till I end up missing my hair badly to the point of caving but that's not gonna happen). My main objective for this is simply length retention and more growth. I think it is safe to say that we are well aware consistently manipulating, combing or styling your hair doesn't exactly help your hair so much. So usually your hair actually flourishes during this rest period as long as you don't forget to still take care of your hair underneath your protective style which means : you don't conveniently forget to moisturize your hair regularly and keep your scalp clean (both are key to a healthy growing hair).

I did a similar PS boot camp thing last year but not for as long as 6 months hence my motivation to make it through to 6months because the results for the 4months of last year were very encouraging.I'm making it a habit now to start doing length checks because prior to this moment I've not really been one to check my hair length but from here on out I will be documenting everything and with pictures.

I had the twists I'm currently sporting installed with kinky extensions about a month ago which is why this post should have been sooner (yh I know I suck but I'm still sorry). So I started out using the Supreme brand at the back but it had this dull look which was unlike my previous encounters with the brand so I dumped that aside and used the Noble brand,which was pretty shiny, for the rest of the front. My friends know I'm a 'chunky braid' kinda girl, infact the chunkier the better but this time I opted for small (but not too small) braids cos I was trying to be merciful to my front hairline. Also it is shoulder length which is shorter than my usual bra-strap length to 'almost butt' length.

I usually keep my kinky extensions on for at least 2months for maximum results but if it's box braids or twists using kanekalon hair,I have that in for barely a month because my natural hair begins to poke out giving it a very unnatural look unlike kinky extensions that just meshes well with your natural hair.Obviously I don't have to worry so much about styling which makes my life a whole lot easier especially since most days I'm literally running out the the door cos I'm late for work. So now I just always have a pack of elastic bands handy in my bag as well as bobby pins just in case I end up doing my hair and makeup enroute work or at work.

At the moment the twists are now pretty flexible so I can play around with it some unlike when I first got them-they weren't painful when I had them installed, they were just not very flexible. It was just a single lady that braided my hair (thank God no multiple hands) and it took roughly 6hours and she was pretty cool-she didn't pull my hair,she was patient while I combed my hair and showed her how to handle my natural hair. Please you don't have to endure people pulling your hair and combing it with a rat-tail comb-you can be like 'Puh-leeassssse Sista,it's my're not the one who's paying, excuse you'.Oh and you are allowed to sound all gangster,roll your eyes and walk right on out of that hair salon cos you would be justified.

I could go on and on about these twists but I don't want this post to be too long so I'll have another post up this week with details on how I take care of my hair underneath the twists. You could always join in this PS boot camp and see if it makes a difference and I would appreciate the feedback.I'm gonna share a couple pictures which I already put up on my Instagram of how I've been wearing my hair, nothing fancy, so hopefully I would start playing with my twists now that it's pretty flexible (assuming I have enough time to do just that in the mornings).

So that's pretty much it, still stuck in Lagos traffic at this ungodly hour so I had ample time to put this together (I think I just figured out how to get by in Lagos traffic).
Till the next one,don't think I don't love you.
Kisses from Lagos...even the traffic sends across it's love.








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