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Saturday, December 20, 2014

You are altogether beautiful, my love;
 there is no flaw in you
Songs of Solomon 4:7 ESV

I’m obliged to start this post with a profound apology for my absence these past few weeks and some. Sorry guys but I was away for a while and no-I wasn’t in rehab just incase you were thinking that. I honestly don’t think I’m into anything shady that requires my rehabilitation save my love for all things fashion and fabulous but people don’t usually get sent to rehab for being a fashion junkie. They usually join group for that sort of thing like Shopaholics Anonymous and that’s a whole ‘nother level.

So no guys, it wasn’t rehab –it was NYSC orientation camp. Apparently, the country felt we were being deprived of an age-long tradition what with our initial camp time getting cancelled because of ebola and what not. Why anyone would relish being bitten by mosquitoes and hassled by soldiers is beyond me but I guess it wasn’t so bad mostly cos it was Lagos camp and I made loads of friends (the amazing kind).

Well here I was jamming to some classical music, trying to relax and then it hit me that I’ve been back from camp for almost a month and been so stressed that I haven’t been blogging at all. Really bad on my part so I’m currently working on time management and compartmentalization of my life into work, pleasure and blog. Oh and you wouldn’t believe how crappy my internet connection was in camp which was really weird since it was Lagos so I really couldn’t blog or checkout anything on the internet.

Since being back I’ve been trying to catch up and a lot’s happened in that time: I went back to work (give me strength, Lord!), got back to my routines (which I needed), been eating my vegetables (I owe that one to camp since I hate vegetables usually), coloured my hair lightly (loving it so far and I’ll write about it soon) and I’ve even been trying to be good for Santa. The whole idea of Christmas hasn’t really set in yet but I’m almost there and I honestly don’t think it’s so bad to have high hopes for the season and the New Year. My sister says I’m obsessive-compulsive but perfection isn’t a bad thing sometimes and that is what I want for the new year- a beautifully perfect year for us all.

I just laughed at myself cos when I started writing this post, I had intended for it to be a product review and not as long either so I apologize for my rambling but I promise to put up a product review tomorrow or next.I took my braids down three weeks ago and I’ve been rocking my natural hair ever since so I think I’ll just share some pictures of how I wore my hair this past week since a friend commented that I’ve never actually put up a picture of me in my natural hair. 
So here goes… 

Twistout styled as a Frohawk

Curls from a Perm Rod set not fully separated  

Day 3 hair from perm rod set

Lazy day hair-day 4

I had to do my hair twice this week because the curls from my twistout on day 1 just sort of disappeared but thank God for hair accessories-they do wonders. Day 5 hair was just me rocking a fro with a braided band around my head and I was way too tired to take a picture.

So that's it guys and I'll see you on the next one (I'm making a mental note to remember to change this post title).

Until then,
Kisses from Lagos...



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