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Monday, October 20, 2014

Now you understand just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing It ought to make you proud.
I say, it's in the click of my heels,The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman Phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman, That's me.
  Maya Angelou

Hope you had an amazing weekend guys. I know I did-slept like a rock for the most part.So I know it's been a week since my last post which is really bad on my part and i plead with those seeking retribution promising to be on my best behaviour from here on out. I'm going to try my best to put up at least 3-4 posts each week regardless of my already crazy schedule cos I really want this to work.

So diving into this post,let's have some 'hair talk' that I hope would be illuminating. If I hadn't mentioned early, I have naturally kinky hair or like some people call it-'virgin' hair, cracks me up every time I hear that. I've been natural for a little over a year and 3months and so far it's been an enlightening journey. 

I didn't accidentally go natural, I actually made a decision to do so but I wanted to wait until I was done with Uni before diving face first into the mix...I'm sorry but I'm a perfectionist so I didn't wanna be making excuses in the long run about why I wasn't giving it a 100percent. So I transitioned for a year and big-chopped about 4months ago and I have been in love with my hair ever since. So I wanted to share some of the first things I learnt during my research before I went natural and afterwards too- the basics of hair....

Black hair-African or African-American, tends to be more fragile, shrinks more when dry (wet hair can be up to twice as long as dry hair), and has more elasticity. No two people can have the exact same curls or kinks so it is important to understand your unique hair properties which includes its curl pattern,porosity,density,width and length. This will definitely help when choosing the appropriate styling products to give your tresses that 'oomph'.

Afro-textured (natural) hair in terms of curl pattern is either wavy(type 2), curly(type 3) or coily (type 4). Personally I have a mixture of all three * i know,it's laughable*, curly at the back,wavy and coily in the middle and incredibly coily at the front *infact a better description for the front would be crazy coily*. Over time I've learnt to work with  my unique curl pattern and thank God I'm not overly crazy about curl definition *who am I kidding? I live for curl definition :D*

In the past when I did a twistout or a braidout, I was usually left wondering "Where the heck are my curls? like didn't I just spend 3hours on the freaking hair?" but eventually I got to learn what works for me. So when I do a twistout for instance, after two-strand twisting the section of hair, I usually use a permrod or a flexi-rod(bendy rollers) cos this works wonders for curl defintion. So the key is finding what works for you, that trick or tip that makes your life easier.....always. 

A better way to consider your curl pattern is in terms of strand texture and thickness which simply represents together your Hair Width- you could either have fine, combination or coarse hair since hair width basically measures the width or thickness of individual strands of hair. I found that this was a better way in helping me decide what products to buy and which products didn't make my hair feel weighed down and drowning. I've mostly combination hair so I use heavy butters and oils sparingly.

Hair Porosity is basically a measure of the hair's ability to absorb moisture. One way I learnt to understand hair porosity after so much research was to think of my hair stand as the roof of a house and the outer layer(or cuticle) as the shingles or roofing material on the roof which when laying completely flat, makes it difficult for water to enter and exit the hair shaft. It's ideal to have normal or average porosity not high(porous) or low(compact) porosity. In subsequent posts I will talk more on this cos i don't wanna make this too long but currently I've low (compact) porosity which isn't so hot.

Hair Density refers to how closely hair strands are packed together on your hair, it can be affected by your curl pattern, porosity and width and is also important in retaining length. Hair density is usually low, medium or high. Hair Length is pretty basic. Everybody wants to grow long healthy hair so it is necessary to learn the best ways to retain length. Most times you hear people refer to the length of their hair using words like neck length(NL), shoulder length(SL), arm pit length(APL), bra strap length(BSL), waist length(WL), hip length(HL) and tail bone length (TBL).

Photo Credit: Natural Hair Rules, Forever as I am
It is important we take note of our unique hair properties, trust me your hair will love you for this and reward you with amazing length and healthy bouncy tresses *the kind you see in movies when the wind is blowing the lady's hair and you are like 'oh I want that'*. Honestly lovelies I tried to make this post as short as possible so please bear with me if I didn't do a really good job on that.

So until my next post,
Kisses from Lagos,



  1. You blog now? Cool. I'm also on the natural hair band wagon. 6 months post BC. Anyhu, its Lovelyn

    1. Thanks lovelyn... #teamnaturalandlovingit


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